1. Taxing Marcellis Shale would be detrimental. You get income tax paid on the profits of the company, the royalties of the landowner, the income tax on all the workers and the profits and income of workers in companies that service the gas developers. Pa should not make doing business with PA harder. 2, Stop paper flow through state agencies. There is email, transfer of files by CDs. Example Corrections and Parole. Corrections copies multiple packets on each inmate being paroled. Give them a disc with all the info and file the disc.

2. Reduce spending to match income. Downsize the legislature, consolidate agencies, sell under used state properties and reduce state auto fleet. Consolidate local government to the county level. Expedite permitting of alternative energy developments especially on state land and waterways. Pursue power generation on all locks, dams and through flow in all rivers with private industry partnerships. Eliminate property taxes by increasing sales tax, taxing services (accounting, legal, medical) and all but basic clothes. Tax cigars, smokeless tobacco. Tax gas production at same level as Texas.

3. Do whatever we can to encourage PA Agriculture to flourish. As our state’s biggest industry, it has the potential to provide countless jobs and in turn, provide money to all of the services that compliment both big and small farmers. If farmers are making money they will spend it to upgrade operations, buy better equipment, purchase more land, and provide more taxpaying jobs (not just on the farm). This will ensure PA’s place and future in a global market and all the while producing much needed tax revenue. The effects will be felt almost imediately.

4. Offer “30 and out” to teachers and other state employees.

5. If they would get rid of the system of Seniority based and make it performance based, and get rid of all of the worthless, incompetent, lazy state workers in the agencies, instead of making the good, hard working state workers suffer. It would allow for removal of wasteful spending via the salaries and benefits wasted and paid out to the Incompetent, worthless, lazy state workers all across this Commonwealth. More physical bodies in any given agency does not mean better quality of work in agencies. Why pay 10 workers when only 5 actually do any work.

6. I suggest that you start making it a law that all those on Welfare pay sales taxes or those who are on SSI; such as Mental Health, etc. They can buy a two liter of soda and not have to pay taxes on it. Also, all residents; whether on Welfare or not, should be made to pay city tax, school tax, etc like other residents. It is time they pay for these things; due to the fact that they have children in school and they also have the use of other city facilities.

7. Take a 6 month average of hours worked by private sector employees and make that the number of hours state workers are permitted to work for the next 6 months.

8. Isn’t it time that all state retiries start paying something for their health care like the rest of us taxpayers.

9. Channel funds from the State Lottery to help defray costs associated with funding our public schools. This would reduce expenditures for the state and reduce taxes that individual taxpayers must pay each year.

10. Eliminate Pre K Counts, Head Start Supplemental and Keystone Stars These programs are not cost effective. Wasted $$$$. Give more money to subsidized childcare so parents can continue to work.

11. How about a formulary for the food stamp program? They should be limited to necessities, why should we continue to provide them with soda and candy and mto’s?? They should have to work to enjoy the frivolous things, we do!!!!

12. We could raise our beer tax from the rate established in 1947 of 8 cents per gallon to the national average of 25 cents per gallon. This simple measure would raise millions in tax dollars annually and at least hte rate would not be higher than the national average. Our current beer tax is just shy of 1/3 of the national average and almost 1/5 of the highest in the country.

13. Our senators and representatives should receive a salary based on the average income of their district. Also, eliminate their perks such as vehicles, homes and meals used for “business”. They are supposed to be working for us. We cannot live beyond our means. They shouldn’t either.

14. Close the Governor’s manson… that would save over a million dollars each year!

15. Reduce the House of Representative and the Senate to 30 days in Session in the Spring, 30 days in Session in the Fall, to Minimize mischief ( which promotes bored Representative to introduce tens of thousands of useless Resolutions such as “Postage stamp week in PA” . )

16. Several suggestions…1) revise tax collection dept. to collect ALL back taxes now! No more amnesty programs. 2) have all depts. review their manpower needs & weed out all those that aren’t productive. Tell the unions their going to participate in this so that no one can come back & say they didn’t have a say in this matter. Gov’t has to be streamlined! 3) Have a hiring freeze & hold all raises to none in 2011 & no more than 1.5% for the next 5 years. 4) Hold all increases in the budget to none this year & no more than cost of living for the next 5 years. Like these bankruptcy is not popular.

17. Higher personal contribution rates for public employee retirement benefits and pension cram-down.

18. Put a tax on food and clothing. Raise the 6% to 7% and also the present cost of a registration sticker for our cars is only $36. A raise of even $4 would bring in more revenue. I believe in the ‘sin taxes’. If consumers have money to gamble with, they certainly have enough to buy food and shelter for their families. Take away the Gov cars and let the legislators buy their own and pay for gas, oil, tires and upkeep the same way we do. They can get a rental when needed at Hertz or Avis with their own AAA card.

19. Make all alcohol illegal! When you are driving a car smoking a cigarette you are not likely to wreck. Drunk driving will cause more deaths then tobacco use. There is no reason that we should tax tobacco products and not alcohol! be fair to everyone! Don’t tax smokers alone, the constitution states that you cannot tax ONE group of people, which has already been approved.(smokers)

20. Why not take everything from the middle class and give EVERYTHING we have to the poor people who do not work. It appears thats where we are going anyway. I have a difficult time understanding why NOW you need help with the budget when you had no trouble putting us in this mess. Now you want our opinion when noone asked when you spent our money. I throught that is why we elected people. Out of control!

21. You should have a state income tax on lottery winnings of $50,000 and greater. Federal tax is paid so why not State Tax.

22. Pa. should take an EASY look into ALL of the state jobs to if fact see how many are secretaries to the secretaries, secretary and eliminate them just like the private industries do. Pa should also mandate that all State employees must contibute at least 25% of the cost of health insurance from payroll deductions with at least a $1000.00 deductible. The highway roadwork should be farmed out to independent contractors as well as snow removal etc. (eliminate penndot). This would save big time as the independent contractors would create new jobs and would be resposible for their own employees.

23. Require that psychologists and physicians not have any affiliation with agencies providing mental health services such as wrap around to the child. Often children are evaluated requiring wrap around services then the family gets cash from SSI and welfare while the agency gets payments from the State for the child to recieve wrap around and other services which can drag out for years.

24. Get rid of PENNDOT and source out the work to LOCAL contractors. That would take the workers off the PA outrageous benefit package, retirement, and salarys that are KILLING PA! It would add jobs to the private sector and your beloved tax base!

25. Stop giving municpalities with out police forces the money from state police tickets and fines. give that money back to the state police who earned it. 40% of the prisoners in state prisons are from Philadelphia but Philly only makes up 12% of the state population. Make Philly pay more for their prisoners.

26. Cut the Wrap Around program. Some kids have a bachelors degree therapist going to school with them for 12 years. If wrap around has not changed the child’s behavior in 6 years something else must be done. Further restrict the parents ability to change agenies and therapists. They are not paying so some who change therapists every few months are just hurting treatment and wasting money. I have seen parents fire 6 therapists in 3 months because the therapists would not do what the family wanted.

27. If they put a 25 cent tax on every 6 pack of beer that was sold in pa, wouldn”t that balance the budget? You have to find something besides cigeretts to tax.

28. Some municipalities “own” services (Cable TV, electricity). Size lets them offer better service + lower costs, still, profit & reduces taxes. Could others (with cost/benefit analysis) be encouraged to own/run similar local public services, it could reduce the draw of municipalities on the state. A statewide takeover of certain troublesome businesses? An Erie coke plant at odds with DER for pollution violations. Present choices are allow them to keep polluting, or shutdown, costing jobs. Third option: state to imminent domain the business, fix & operate, make its profits & keep jobs.

29. Close the State Run liquor stores, then open up sales licenses to private sellers, grocery stores and convenience stores. Charge them a large up-front licensing fee and require them a pay a percentage of their beer, wine and liquor sales to the state as a consumption tax.

30. Lets eliminate anyone conviced of a crime from receiving welfare and SSI. Put a limit on those claiming children with ADD to receive a benefit to 1 child. Make the State have a higher fine for criminals, and put the criminal in jail out to work the roads and clean up the State. If they are going to commit a crime- lets not make their time in jail a great time away from society- make them work, and work hard so they don’t go back.

Contractor Liability Insurance vs. General Liability Insurance: Understanding the Differences 

Comparing Coverage: What Sets Contractor Liability Insurance Apart from General Liability Insurance 

When it comes to liability insurance, there are typically two types to consider: contractor liability insurance and general liability insurance. While they both provide coverage protection, there are some notable differences to consider.  

Contractor liability insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed for contractors and construction businesses. This type of insurance usually includes coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury. Contractor liability insurance typically provides protection for the contractor or construction business in the event of an accident or damage caused by their work. In contrast, general liability insurance is a broader coverage that is not industry-specific. General liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury, and it is not limited to the construction industry.  

One significant difference between contractor liability insurance and general liability insurance lies in the level of protection offered. Because contractor liability insurance caters to specific needs within the construction industry, it can offer more extensive protection than general liability insurance. For example, in addition to typical coverage, contractor liability insurance may include protection for faulty workmanship or defective materials, which is not typically included in general liability insurance. Also, contractor liability insurance may include additional coverage for subcontractors and their employees, which is essential given the nature of subcontracting work in the construction industry. In summary, the unique coverage options and industry-specific focus of contractor liability insurance make it a valuable investment for any construction business or contractor. 

Contractor Liability Insurance Explained: Coverage for the Unique Risks Faced by Contractors 

Contractor Liability Insurance is a specialized insurance solution designed to address the risks faced by contractors in the course of their work. This type of insurance coverage generally includes protection for accidental property damage, bodily injury, and other liabilities that can arise from the contractor’s work. Easycover’s Contractor Liability Insurance solution is specifically designed for contractors, and it offers coverage for a wide range of risks, including errors and omissions, professional liability, product liability, and completed operations liability.  

This type of insurance is essential for contractors who want to protect their business from potential financial losses. In addition to providing coverage for accidents and other incidents that can occur on the job site, Contractor Liability Insurance also protects contractors from legal costs and other liabilities that may arise from litigation related to their work. With Easycover’s Contractor Liability Insurance, contractors can have peace of mind knowing that they are protected from a wide range of risks that they may encounter in their line of work. By investing in this type of insurance, contractors can protect their business, their employees, and their customers while ensuring that they are compliant with local and industry regulations. 

Understanding General Liability Insurance: Protection for Non-Contractor Businesses 

General Liability Insurance is essential for any non-contractor business as it provides protection against a wide range of risks and liabilities that can arise out of day-to-day operations. This type of insurance policy covers a variety of claims such as bodily injury or property damage caused by the business or its employees, as well as claims for libel, slander, and advertising injury. The policy also provides coverage for legal defense costs and settlements up to the policy’s limits if the company is found liable. 

However, it is essential to understand that General Liability Insurance does not cover all types of incidents or risks. For instance, it doesn’t include injuries or damages caused by the goods or services the business provides or accidents that occur while operating a vehicle. Additionally, General Liability Insurance doesn’t provide coverage for intentional acts or criminal activity committed by the business or its employees, and it doesn’t cover losses due to natural disasters, such as floods or earthquakes. Therefore, it is crucial to assess your business’s potential risks and vulnerabilities carefully to determine the most appropriate coverage options for your company. 

Choosing the Right Coverage: Factors to Consider Based on Your Business Type and Operations 

Choosing the right insurance coverage for your business is crucial in protecting your company from financial loss due to liability claims. Factors to consider when choosing the right coverage depend on the type of business and its operations. Contractors, for instance, require contractor liability insurance, which is a specialized form of insurance designed to protect contractors and their clients from damages or injuries resulting from the contractor’s operations or work. This type of insurance provides coverage for accidents or damages that may occur at the job site, including personal injuries or property damage. It also covers the costs of legal defense in case of liability claims. 

On the other hand, businesses engaged in selling products or services require general liability insurance, which provides coverage for claims arising from accidents, property damage, and injuries that occur in the workplace. This type of insurance offers protection against lawsuits, including the costs of legal defense, settlements or judgements. It also covers third-party damages or injuries that arise from products or services sold by the business. Moreover, general liability insurance covers advertising injury liability which includes claims of slander, libel or copyright infringement. 

Choosing the right insurance coverage for your business is essential to protect from financial loss. Factors to consider when selecting the right coverage include business type and operations. Contractor’s liability insurance is best for contractors who deal with onsite risks, whereas general liability insurance is suitable for businesses selling products or services, insuring them against legal battles, personal injuries, and property damage. It’s recommended that you speak with Easycover’s provider of Contractor Liability Insurance to make sure that you have appropriate coverage that suits your needs, allowing you to focus on managing your business without worrying. 

Combined Policies: Exploring the Benefits of Bundling Contractor and General Liability Insurance 

For businesses that want comprehensive protection, bundling contractor liability insurance and general liability insurance can offer a range of benefits. By combining these two insurance policies into a single package, businesses can save money while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having full coverage for all potential risks. 

One of the main benefits of bundling contractor and general liability insurance is cost savings. Insurance providers often offer discounts to businesses that purchase multiple policies at one time, which can result in significant savings over time. Additionally, having a single insurance policy that covers both contractor liability and general liability can streamline the claims process, making it easier to manage and reducing the risk of errors or omissions.  

Furthermore, bundling these two policies makes for a more comprehensive coverage. With contractor liability insurance, business owners are protected against claims of property damage or loss, personal injury, and even attorney fees. Meanwhile, general liability insurance offers coverage for claims of bodily injury, property damage, and advertising injury, as well as legal defense fees and judgments. With both policies in place, businesses are well-prepared to face any potential liability, whether they occur on job sites or in day-to-day operations. Overall, bundling contractor and general liability insurance is an excellent way to protect your business and save money at the same time.  

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4 Helpful Hints For Insurance Needs

Everyone is in need of a secure and well protected future, which is in perfect disguise through insurance policies. Most companies value the commitment and services that they provide for their clientele and pride themselves of the best assistance when it comes time to deal with unexpected scenarios.

As a client, it is your right to be able to increase your awareness when it comes to insurance importance and just how these insurance providers can grant your personal needs. If you value your future and that of your loved ones, you can look into some of these practical tips that are sure to find you the insurance that you truly need.

Do Your Research

 Using the convenience of the Internet, have a quick search on some of the most trusted insurance providers near your locale. See to it that you look into some of the comments and reviews available to you that are written out by real clients. Keep a list of those companies who captured enough interest in you and ensure that you get their contact information.

Schedule for an Appointment

 On the initial call to your selected insurance providers, you are sure to realize just how they treat their clientele so pay attention on how they deal with your call. Prepare some quick questions about their insurance policies and look into scheduling an actual face to face appointment with one of their professionals. This process will let you in on just how important your business is with the provider of your choice through their treatment over the phone.

Make a List of Priorities

 Before heading out for your appointment, make a list of some of the insurance questions that you have at the top of your head. Also consider all of the ideals that you would like to receive with regard to the insurance policy. Through your list you are sure that you can fully utilize the time you get to spend with an insurance specialist.

Ask for a Deal

Be outright when it comes to the amount of money that you are willing to spend on your insurance. Most companies are fully aware of the differences in financial situation of different individuals, so being upfront with your finances can help you get a good deal on your insurance. Discuss the insurance policy in best detail with your insurance provider so you are fully aware of the best payment  scheme that you can avail. 

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Why Get Your Auto Insurance from Car Insurance Brokers

medicinehatcarinsuranceHaving your very own car can be a luxury that some people who do not have cars will not learn to appreciate.  When you have your own car, you can leave home at any time to go to your destination without having to think of the schedule of public transport.  Additionally, when you have a car, not only can you take several people with you, depending on your car’s capacity, but you also load some of the important stuff with you on your car and not worry about having to lug it around everywhere with you.  Truly, a car has many advantages when compared to the disadvantage of owning one.

Of course when you have a car, it is important that you are responsible for it.  Not only do you need to have it regularly maintained to make it road-worthy, but you also need to have it registered annually.  Aside from this, it is crucial that you also acquire car insurance for it as protection, not just for your financial interest, but also for other people.  This is because with the weight of the car and the speed it can travel, not being able to control it properly can lead to destruction of property, pedestrian injury, or even death.

Accidents can happen in a blink of an eye and no one is really prepared when an accident comes.  The truth is that there is really no way of saying when an accident will happen.  The best way of preparing for an accident is to have an auto insurance equipped for your automotive vehicle.  That way if your car gets involved in any vehicular incident, you are protected from the financial liability that may be involved in the accident.  However, since there are different types of car insurance coverage, it is important that the car insurance policy you get provides you with the best protection possible.

Getting car insurance can be quite confusing due to the many policies and additional that is available.  Getting too little protection may save you money initially, but will not give you enough protection on the coverage that matters.  On the other hand, getting too much coverage can be costly and is questionable if you really do need the other policies.  For this reason, it may be wise to do some research of your own.  After all, most of the information you need is now available in the internet so you may want to do some reading before going out to get your car insurance.

When getting car insurance, it is often better to go to car insurance brokers as they are not working for any insurance company.  At Medicine Hat Car Insurance Brokers, they are affiliated with different insurance companies and therefore can provide you with the different insurance quotes provided by the insurance companies they are affiliated with.  In addition to this, they are also very knowledgeable when it comes to insurance policies and they are more than happy to share what they know with you and explain it to you in words you can understand, and not the jargons or complex languages you normally hear from insurance agents. 

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Factors That Significantly Affect Your Home Insurance Premium

If you have invested quite a lot of money on your home, then it is likely that you would want to get the best form of protection for your home.  Home insurance is a risk management investment that helps to lower your risk.  There are different types of coverage available for home insurance and each type of coverage deals only with particular risk issues. Customizing your coverage is the most ideal way of getting the most protection possible and at lowered cost.

  1. Home Location – if you live in an area where crime and theft are a common scenario, the insurance company will most likely consider you as a high risk client and therefore cannot extend you any courtesy of lowering your home insurance premium. The fact that you live in such an area wherein the inevitability of being victim to theft, home intrusion, property damage, and vandalism is at a high most probability. Homeowners who live in relatively crime-free areas have the benefit of lowered premiums due to their assessed low risk.
  2. Cost of Construction – insurance companies will always take into consideration the cost of construction as to where you house is situated. The relevance of this is that the insurer becomes informed on the cost of construction within your locality. In the future, should your house experience any serious property damage, the insurance company will be able to adjust the amount of your claim based on the construction cost of your neighborhood or locality.  These adjustments are necessary because you surely would not want to shoulder the additional expense due to high construction costs.
  3. Type of Materials – homes that are constructed using high quality and highly durable materials will have the structural strength to resist or withstand hurricanes and tornados. Homes that are assessed of being made with substandard construction materials as well as cutting corner issues will not fare well on wind-related calamities. Homes that are not up to par with construction material standards will be required to pay more on their home insurance premiums.
  4. Other Factors – unfenced swimming pools, possession of biting dog breeds, as well as prior issues of home intrusion and break-ins makes your home pretty much a disaster waiting to happen along with claims just waiting to be made. Insurers pay very close attention to these issues as this becomes their determining factor on whether to raise or lower your home insurance premium.
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How To Lower Your Home Insurance

Unless you do not really find any value in your home, it is in your best interest to always have the proper home insurance to protect you from any upsetting expenses that may arise from unnecessary mishaps or unforeseen occurrences. Home insurance is something your home should never be without as this type of protection coverage can never be taken lightly.  There are actually many issues that can arise that will make you want to make claims on home insurance; of course this is provided that that claim you are making is within the grounds of your home insurance policy.

There are different types of home insurance coverage and all of them seem to be very tempting to get.  However, even though you are getting a great deal of protection by getting a multitude of home insurance coverage that you think are possible to happen, the problem that will arise from getting a lot of coverage is that you will need to pay a hefty sum, something which at times is already in the realms of absurd.

The truth is that you do not need too much home insurance coverage but that you need only what is really necessary.  On the other hand, you should never get the most minimal package of home insurance as this does not provide you any adequate protection.  It is important that you customize your home insurance policy based on the coverage you really need.  This will provide you adequate protection while paying only an appropriately decent amount for home insurance protection coverage.

The amount you pay on home insurance premium is not always calculated by the types of coverage you are getting or their respective amounts, but that the amount of home insurance premium you pay is mostly based on the amount of risk your insurer is involved in insuring you.  If your insurer deems that you are high risk, then it is only natural for them to ask more on your premiums than that of those they have very minimal risks with.  This is why if you plan on getting home insurance, make it a point that you do your homework and make your home safer and seen with very little risk.  This way, when an assessor does come to perform their risk assessment, your home will be qualified and deemed as of low risk.  Having been assessed as low risk will definitely help lower your home insurance premium.

There are actually several ways and methods on how you can improve or create a low risk standing for your home.  One method is making sure that there are no overhanging branches atop your home that may fall off and create serious damage to your property should the branch decay and fall off or get hit by strong winds such as that caused by tornados and hurricanes.

If your home has dangerous steps or incline around the property, you may want to have these removed, cleared, or flattened in order to prevent any potential injury that may happen to house guests.  Areas that are considered as dangerous and prone to causing accidents around the home are markdowns on the list of the assessor and poses as possibilities of high risk to the insurer.  Removing these not only helps reduce the risk of any injuries to visitors and members of the household, but it also helps in creating that risk free environment that can help lower home insurance cost.

Another thing that insurers take very seriously is the possession of large biting breed of dogs such as Pit bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, bloodhounds, and other types of large dogs.  If you possess such a dog and that you have had previous cases of biting, property destruction, and other undesirable scenarios with that dog of yours, it is either your insurer does not provide you with a policy at all, or you will have to pay a fairly high premium just to be issued a home insurance.  Getting rid of the dog, if possible, will definitely lower the overall cost of your home insurance. 

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Effective Methods On Saving On Car Insurance Premium

If you own a car and are very proud of your ride, it is very important to remember that even though you are very pleased with your ride that you do not forget your obligations as a car owner.  For starters, it is crucial that you are car is always kept in proper working condition so that it does not breaks down while you are down on the road and possibly create some road incidents at that time.  Such is not only a hassle for you, but that is also has the potential to create bodily injuries to both you and pedestrians.  In addition to this, property damage is also possible or even inevitable.

Aside from performing regular maintenance on your car, it is also important that you annually renew your car registration with your country’s Ministry or Department of Transport.  This is actually a necessity for every car owners out there.  Along with the annual renewal of your car registration, you also need to renew or get Car Insurance Policy.  Car insurance is not only a prerequisite for renewing your car registration these days, but that it is also an insurance protection coverage that will serve your best interest should the inevitable happen.

Although there is really no law that emphasizes how much car insurance coverage you should carry, there are actually quite a lot of people who only get the most minimal insurance coverage for the sole purpose of being able to renew their car registration.  The thing is that there is really no point in getting very minimum car insurance because you are not getting the protection you need.  The coverage you get for a minimal package does not even cover most types of road incident.  Basically, if you get such type of insurance, you are only handing money to your insurer and not getting any added protection.

Car insurance has a vast type of coverage.  While it is true that getting the most car insurance coverage will provide you the best protection, such is also downright expensive and the cost at times can be labeled as ridiculous.  On the other hand, getting very little car insurance coverage presents very little means of protection.  It is crucial that there is a very good balance in the coverage you are getting based on how your car is regularly used.  If that particular car is only used for special occasions, the mileage you accumulate from it may not be worth the coverage you get for your regularly used car.

The truth is that car insurance is very complex.  If you think about it, the same car from the same maker and released from the same year should have the same premium.  This is not actually the case as the owner involved is also taken into consideration when weighing the risk being taken by the insurer.  Due to this, even cars of the same brand, model, and year will warrant different car insurance premiums.  The higher the risk the insurer takes with a client, the higher the car insurance premium is.  Of course, the lower the risk the insurer takes with a client, this low risk will reflect on the lowered car insurance premium the client needs to pay.

In line of this fact, there now exists certain ways on how you can lower your car insurance premium, provided you qualify for the discount.  While these discounts are certainly effective methods of lowering car insurance premiums, they are nevertheless hard to get because the discounts always reflect the insurers low risk with the client.  However, if you do qualify for these discounts, you should never hesitate to inquire about them so they can be applied with your car insurance premium.

  1. Low Mileage – if you have very low mileage with your car, it means that you do not regularly use it and thus are not exposed to the many risks involved when the car is on the road. If you accumulate less than 5000 miles on your car every year, then you should ask your insurer for a ‘low mileage’ discount on your car insurance premium.
  2. Good Driving Record – if you have a good driving record with absolutely no marks on your record for the past five years, then it means you qualify for a ‘good driving record’ discount. This discount is applicable because you pose very little risk to your insurer.


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5 Reasons To Get Insurance Now

As the population grows, the knowledge on the principles of insurance has somehow become more vague and misunderstood, so much so that not everyone is ready and willing to appreciate the benefits that come with being insured. It is important however to realize just how much of an advantage there is when you get insurance for yourself and your property.

If you are part of the steadied increase of individuals who are totally clueless when it comes to insurance, you may need a bit more light on the subject. Being able to understand just how insurance can help you in the long run can make understand why you need it now.

It Decreases Your Worries 

The future is filled with a lot of uncertainties and in the long run many of us worry a lot about the unexpected circumstances that could happen, especially when it comes to personal health and even invested properties. When you get insurance for your own as well as for your different properties, you will have a better grasp of your future and avoid the anxiety of unexpected circumstances.

It Helps You to Save 

With most insurance policies, a good amount of money is paid on a regular basis and with the possibility of your plan being cancelled when you do not pay on time, keeping up with your payment scheme is a big priority. In the most unlikely way you are able to come up with a substantial amount of money that will benefit your future in the unlikely opportunity that you need financial aid.

It Extends Protection 

Whether for your properties and investments or for the well being of your family, being able to take an insurance policy for your own can help to aid and protect you in the long run especially when it comes to your possible costs and expenses. Through your insurance provider you are given the chance to have enough monetary aid and even professional help when unforeseen chances of emergencies occur.

It Keeps You Ready 

Under no circumstance does anyone want to get into an accident or even have a failing health condition, but these are inevitable situations that can happen to anyone. With this premise in mind being able to get an insurance plan sooner than later is a great step for you to become well prepared for any kind of trouble that can happen in the future. 

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