Effective Methods On Saving On Car Insurance Premium

Effective Methods On Saving On Car Insurance Premium

If you own a car and are very proud of your ride, it is very important to remember that even though you are very pleased with your ride that you do not forget your obligations as a car owner.  For starters, it is crucial that you are car is always kept in proper working condition so that it does not breaks down while you are down on the road and possibly create some road incidents at that time.  Such is not only a hassle for you, but that is also has the potential to create bodily injuries to both you and pedestrians.  In addition to this, property damage is also possible or even inevitable.

Aside from performing regular maintenance on your car, it is also important that you annually renew your car registration with your country’s Ministry or Department of Transport.  This is actually a necessity for every car owners out there.  Along with the annual renewal of your car registration, you also need to renew or get Car Insurance Policy.  Car insurance is not only a prerequisite for renewing your car registration these days, but that it is also an insurance protection coverage that will serve your best interest should the inevitable happen.

Although there is really no law that emphasizes how much car insurance coverage you should carry, there are actually quite a lot of people who only get the most minimal insurance coverage for the sole purpose of being able to renew their car registration.  The thing is that there is really no point in getting very minimum car insurance because you are not getting the protection you need.  The coverage you get for a minimal package does not even cover most types of road incident.  Basically, if you get such type of insurance, you are only handing money to your insurer and not getting any added protection.

Car insurance has a vast type of coverage.  While it is true that getting the most car insurance coverage will provide you the best protection, such is also downright expensive and the cost at times can be labeled as ridiculous.  On the other hand, getting very little car insurance coverage presents very little means of protection.  It is crucial that there is a very good balance in the coverage you are getting based on how your car is regularly used.  If that particular car is only used for special occasions, the mileage you accumulate from it may not be worth the coverage you get for your regularly used car.

The truth is that car insurance is very complex.  If you think about it, the same car from the same maker and released from the same year should have the same premium.  This is not actually the case as the owner involved is also taken into consideration when weighing the risk being taken by the insurer.  Due to this, even cars of the same brand, model, and year will warrant different car insurance premiums.  The higher the risk the insurer takes with a client, the higher the car insurance premium is.  Of course, the lower the risk the insurer takes with a client, this low risk will reflect on the lowered car insurance premium the client needs to pay.

In line of this fact, there now exists certain ways on how you can lower your car insurance premium, provided you qualify for the discount.  While these discounts are certainly effective methods of lowering car insurance premiums, they are nevertheless hard to get because the discounts always reflect the insurers low risk with the client.  However, if you do qualify for these discounts, you should never hesitate to inquire about them so they can be applied with your car insurance premium.

  1. Low Mileage – if you have very low mileage with your car, it means that you do not regularly use it and thus are not exposed to the many risks involved when the car is on the road. If you accumulate less than 5000 miles on your car every year, then you should ask your insurer for a ‘low mileage’ discount on your car insurance premium.
  2. Good Driving Record – if you have a good driving record with absolutely no marks on your record for the past five years, then it means you qualify for a ‘good driving record’ discount. This discount is applicable because you pose very little risk to your insurer.


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